Cordes Sur Ciel is situated north of Albi, the capital city of the Tarn department.

It is about 80 km east of Toulouse, in the Gaillac wine growing region.


It is a lovely quiet rural area of France, where the pace of life is more horse than Ferrari. If you like quiet open roads then you are in for a treat.


It is an ideal location in which to relax and unwind. In the summer you will probably go 'native' and enjoy a leisurely lunch shaded from the heat of the day, afterwhich a nice siesta is called for - we challenge you to resist it.


From Cordes there are plenty of things to do within half an hour's drive or so, but if you really must venture further, then southern France has something for everyone. It's no coincidence that most french citizens prefer to stay in France for their holidays. August can be a little busier in Cordes, simply because August is the French holiday month, when offices and schools are closed, so families can go on vacation. There is a real buzz to Cordes during this month; the bars and restaurants are vibrant and full of chattering visiters, while the streets are colourful and bustling. That said, it doesn't feel crowded or over-touristy. See what you think!


A guide to the weather

Whilst we cannot be held responsible for the weather during your stay with us, nor the accuracy of any observations we may make, there are some pointers we can give you.


Cordes is too far west to be affected by the strong Mistral winds of southern France.


We have very few storms in the summer, but when we do they are short and sharp, usually late at night, a handful of times.


The winters are relatively dry but cold and crisp.


Early Spring and late Autumn are the wet months, but not grey & miserable like in the UK.


In our late Spring and summer, from May to September, it should be dry more often than not, with July and August being mostly blue skies and no clouds with temperatures in the mid to late 30s C.

This year, for instance, we ate outside most days during this period and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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